• Epic Leaders

  • Epic Days for Fudge Fighters

    April 2020
    M T W T F S S


Capital= *Abominable*

Co Capital (Gem’s favourite server) = *Mountain*

Party  Server = Rocky Road

Fun Server  = Christmas

Recruiting server=Bubble Gum



Server Alliances :

Shared with Silver Soldiers = Matterhorn

13 Responses

  1. Fudge fighters!I’m your doooooooooom! The blue sky warriors of CP Declares war on you We’ll be invading your only server Snow bank! On Sunday at 6:00EST 5:00CST 4:00MST 3:00PST We well invade you mahaha! 10:00GMT

  2. You never claimed ice shelf

  3. Fudge fighters never claimed ice shelf

  4. Volcano Warriors gave Ice Shelf to us

  5. yet again I’m your friend

  6. Gem you dont own abominable water bandids do

  7. We do we invaded it a week ago

  8. My army Green Fire of CP owns Abominable we invaded it 2 weeks before April, 24th. We can share it I’m not one to go to war for a server

  9. We’ll share it

  10. Ok

  11. My army, MFW(Mining Fire Warriors) http://miningfirewarriorsofcp.wordpress.com/ would like to be allies with you, do you accept?

  12. Yep

  13. Hi! I am Night Fury, from the Ninja Freedom Force (NFF)! Your army looks awesome, a worthy small army! YOUR army has been selected to merge into the Ninja Freedom Force (if you accept) Your troops should receive high ranks in the army.

    If you are even considering it:


    with your and our troops we could be a high small! NFF is also a top ten on CPAE, and has beaten IW before!

    -Night Fury0-

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