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    April 2020
    M T W T F S S

Jasiux is back

Yes you’ve heard it right I’m coming back(Sorry for short post just an update


Ok guys, I noticed we only have TWO Moderator ranks, we need more moderator ranks whoever can update the ranks add 3 more moderator ranks(Thats what most armies have)

Thanks for reading


Active Count

Ok guys we are having an ACTIVE COUNT  answer these questions in a comment        

1.Whats your CP name?

2.What is your rank?

3.On a scale of 1-10 how active are you?



Im returning this post is gonna be short so I would like to return as 2ic/1ic

New theme

Well as you have noticed the site is changed a lil, I made the BG brown as our colour is brown 🙂 I hope I didnt cause any problems if you got any questions come and see my im usualy on ACP chat, nachos chat or CH chat(And FF chat 😀 )

Training session

I know we have alot of events but I wanna see you guys train, we will improve our tactics and size here are the deatils

Sunday 10th, April

Times: 5:30 pm gmt (Please convert that to your own time zone)

Why: To improve our tactis

I expect 5 at this event, maybe if we do good gem will give your promos (Highest mod+ doesnt get a promo)

Jasiux Here

Hola im Jasiux your new advisor my edit colour is Pink so dont use pink