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Tactic session

Monday /15th of August/ 2011

Times: 5pm GMT

Server : Mountain

Reason : Try to improve are tactics and our numbers


Please try and make ๐Ÿ˜€



All people who are added on the the site need to get more active im the only person posting on this site. If you want this army to become major make sure your active and make a post a few times a week.


Battles : When we have an invasion or defence or a battle please try your hardest to turn up to the event. If you do turn up to most events we will rise and get noticed and then even more people will join us. Usually at events we get 3 or 4 but if we really try to get people to join and make events we could be getting 6 + and we would start getting in to the small top ten.


Chats : While your on chat try and recruit on one of our servers or go to a big chat and try and recruit on there without getting banned .


Bappo: Hi Baps XD



If you havn’t joined yet fill out this form


What is your CP name ?

Are you in any other armies ?

Will you be loyal ?

What is your name on chat ?




Pictures of Invading Mountain

Mountain is Ours !

Well today we logged on Cp and claimed Mountain. We started off at the Town and did a variety of tactics and had a size of 3 we had that size most of the battle but at the end while we were claiming the dock 1 of our troops had to leave and then we went to the Mountain and claimed it. Our tactics were good and our listening was great when I gave out an order nobody interrupted and when we did it on Cp we all did it .

Mountain will be our Co Capital so be sure to patrol it as much as our Capital and any other server in our nation.This is our second most valuable server so if you see any armies on it try and fight them off.

Tactics : A

Size: B

Size: A

Pics coming tommorow ๐Ÿ˜€


Also we will be having some recruiting sessions next week try and make them times will also be put on tommorow.


Invasion of Mountain

Well out of all the servers this is by far my favourite so I thought we should invade it. This will probably be our last invasion in a while. Nobody owns this server(in the small and medium servers) so I thought we should invade it before any other armies.


Wednesday / 3rd / August 2011

Server : Mouintain ๐Ÿ˜€

Times : 8pm GMT,1pm PST (I think it’s right idk please tell me if its wrong)


Comment if you can come !!

New Server Matterhorn !

Well we now share Matterhorn with Silver Soldiers instead of having a war with them they very kindely shared Matterhorn. We are also allies with Silver Soldiers and if we ever go to war with a army and invade them and get the server we will share it with Silver Soldiers (Unless we have 1 server left and we desperately need it , We would only share one server with them)


Our raid on Wednesday :

Well we did pretty well 3 of us came and we gained a new recruit we sucessfully raided White House with no army trying to stop us . Our tactics were pretty good we did a variety of tactics and averaged 3-4 through out the whole raid. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Allies :

I haveย  lost track ofย  our allies i dont know which ones have died or are still alive. I will clear the allies and enemies list and see if any other armies want to be our allies. Also if you have an army and want to be allies just comment on the A/E page.

178 words ๐Ÿ˜€


Shall we join the CPAE tournament .

If we do we will get relised and may get put in small top ten if we get a good size like 6+. Loads of armies have joined the tournament some bigger than others but if we even get in to round two we will be relised and may get a few new recruits.

Shall we enter the tournament ????

Shall we have a war with a army that averages 3 so it would be a fair battle . It would be more like a server battle instead of invasions and defences but it could turn in to us invading them or them invading us . The army I was thinking of declaring war on was Silver Soildiers.

Comment on what you think we should do !!!

131 words oh yeah ๐Ÿ˜€